Anybody who has a pet that is a key component to his or her emotional health, comfort, and well-being can qualify for an emotional support animal. There are numerous emotional and psychological disorders in which the symptoms are helped by having the presence of an animal companion nearby. If you qualify for an ESA, you are in need of having that animal around you in order to create a better life for yourself.

What Conditions Allow You To Qualify?

Emotional Support Animals are exactly what their name implies: They help people deal with their adverse emotional conditions.

  • ESAs provide comfort and emotional support to disorders ranging from minor inconveniences such as stress and anxiety to serious mental disabilities such as PTSD and depression.
  • ESAs provide companionship just like a friend or family member would. Sometimes simply having an ESA nearby gives the owner a stronger will and sense of purpose.
  • ESAs are not the cure all to mental disorders, but act to dissipate the symptoms and provide an opportunity to live out of the grasp of mental disorders.
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Emotional Support Animal Co. believes in the ability to enjoy life without having mental or psychological disorders hold you back. We believe that the presence of companionship in the form of an ESA will help you achieve your goals. No person should have to make a decision to choose a housing situation or their pet or be forced to pay extra fees based on their companion. Emotional Support Animal Co. strives to create a perfect life for you through the presence of your ESA.