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Housing or Travel ESA Individual Letter

  • Mental health Professional Endorsed Housing or Travel Letter
  • Future Renewal Discounts


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ESA Combo Housing AND Travel Letter

  • Mental Health Professional Endorsed Housing Letter
  • Mental Health Professional Endorsed Travel Letter
  • Future Renewal Discounts


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Service Animal Certification

  • Full Travel and Airline Privileges
  • Full Housing and Rental Privileges
  • Bring your Dog anywhere


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A Few Things To Know:

Q: How Does My ESA Letter Save Me Money?

With an ESA Letter, you are no longer required to pay additional pet fees or higher pet security deposits! Many landlords and apartment complexes charge as much as double the security deposit and hundreds (or even thousands) more in rent. Your ESA letter means they can no can no longer do that! Furthermore, airlines can no longer charge you EXTRA fees to travel with your pet. You have enough fees to worry about at the airport, your ESA letter handles one of the big ones.

Q: How do I know my letter is from a Licensed Therapist?

Once you apply for a letter, your assessment is reviewed by one of our licensed therapists, who then writes and signs off on the letter. Their license number is on the letter and their credentials can be easily verified. Our therapists are REAL and our service is LEGITIMATE. We cannot guarantee that the licensed therapist will agree you that you qualify but if they deny you we will provide a full refund.

Q: How fast will I get my letter?

We have expedited delivery options that will get you your letter FAST. Our process is simple, once you apply for a letter, a therapist will review your assessment and take the necessary steps to construct your letter. By selecting a priority delivery method, your letter gets prioritized in the therapist's que, which allows your letter to be emailed within 48 hours (and usually even faster)! Priority Delivery also gets your letter shipped by USPS Priority Mail.