Frequently Asked Questions About ESA’s

What is an ESA?

Simply put, ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal. ESAs are a key component to the well-being of a person who has been diagnosed with a mental or psychological disability. There are millions of people who suffer from emotional symptoms, which range from minor inconveniences to debilitating burdens. ESAs provide comfort and emotional stability.

Does my pet get registered into a government databank?

No. ESAs don’t need to be registered or monitored by any governmental service. Some sites falsely promote the need to register your ESA. The only legal proof is a letter provided by a licensed therapist of medical profession stating the need for an ESA.

What if I don’t qualify for an ESA?

Here at, if you do not meet the need for an ESA after therapist review, you will receive a full refund.

How long does it take to get the ESA letter?

There are two options to choose from. You may choose the “Priority Delivery” option, which ensures delivery of a physical copy of your letter within 48 hours (typically faster) by the USPS. You also have the option by choosing the digital delivery option, which allows you to print the letter instantaneously and saves you money.

Do the emotional support letters last forever?

Unfortunately no. By law, ESA letters are valid for one year starting from the date you are given it. We make it simple to renew you letter after your first year is over at a discounted rate.

Are there differences between an ESA and a service dog?

Yes, there are a few major differences. Service animals are trained for specific function and are given access to anywhere that the handler goes. ESAs do not have to be trained for a specific task, but rather fulfill the role as a comforter of the owner’s emotional symptoms. There is a chance that an ESA is not allowed into some places, but most places do allow the ESA to travel alongside the corresponding owner.

Does my ESA need any specific training?

As stated before, ESAs do not need to be trained to perform any task. The only real qualification is that the ESA is a well-behaved animal. The letter reflects the needs of the person, not the training of the animal. This means that the owner is responsible for the behavior of the animal and damages that it may cause, since there is no official training.

Are there any laws protecting my rights if I have an ESA?

The possession of ESAs is protected under the Americans with Disability Act, Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carrier Access Act. These laws protect people with mental or psychological disabilities from discrimination in public and private sectors.

How do I know if this service is legitimate?

Like with any service, there are false sites that attempt to con the public. At Emotional Support Animal Co., we ensure our service by only presented licensed therapist who review your assessment for the need of an ESA. Our letters contain the license number of the therapist that you will be assigned to. We take extra precaution to make sure your evaluation is legitimate and can verify the therapist if somebody ever questions you.

Is it possible to have multiple emotional support animals?

Just like with pets, you can have as many as you want. However, therapists usually only opt to prescribe one animal for emotional support. It is usually decided on a case-by-case basis. So technically speaking, a person could have multiple ESAs, but the therapist would have to evaluate and approve the need for multiple animals.

Is my animal allowed to fly alongside me?

With a letter from Emotional Support Animal Co., your ESA is allowed to accompany you in the cabin on your flight. According to the Air Carrier Access Act, you have the right to travel with an ESA. Of course, there are certain precautions that would have to take to ensure the airlines offer reasonable accommodations.

How will the letter affect my living situation?

If you possess a letter stated your need for an ESA, you are protected by the Fair Housing Act against discrimination and legally have a right to reasonable housing accommodations. With the letter, you will be able to live with your ESA without having to worry about paying additional rent or security deposits. It does not protect you from any damages that you may be caused by your ESA, so a well-behaved animal is preferable.

What other information about the company I should know?

At Emotional Support Animal Co., we firmly believe that the intimate companionship formed between an animal and a human can allow us to be the best version of ourselves. Dealing with a disability is challenging enough and we aim to help you in the way we can. There are many options when searching for a way to get an ESA. Other sites offer illegitimate services such as registering your pet in a government database or not sharing the credentials of the licensed therapists. At Emotional Support Animal Co., we only offer services that are required to get an ESA, which is an assessment and letter signed by a licensed therapist. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at :