Your Pet Care Resolution For The New Year

Your Pet Care Resolution For The New Year

Pets are incredible; they introduce you to the joys of life and supply you with unconditional love and cuddles.  The puppy dog eyes, the wagging tails, the belly rubbing is doing far more for your health than you realize.

It is necessary to realize that we humans are the caretakers of our pets and should take care of their mental and physical state. The new year is the perfect time to align your priorities and get a fresh start on your relationship with your pet.

Plan a resolution that fits your lifestyle with your pet and highlight activities and food habits that need to be incorporated into your pet’s lifestyle. It could be more time at the park, weighed and measured out food or a few more belly-rubs; think the current state of your pet through and decide on what needs a makeover.

Here are a few examples of what you can change your dog’s lifestyle that will be beneficial for it.

  • Dietary changes

With more than 50% of the pet population obese, observe the weight of your pet and also visit the vet to get directions for adequately feeding your pet without any deprivations. Make it a priority to get your pet’s weight back on track but feeding it the advised portions. Make sure that your dog gets the diet appropriate for its age.

  • A new activity

Try out a new activity that can help your dog’s health get better and also increase its life from hiking to dog yoga a lot can be initiated to make sure your furry friend is spending a happy and content life. This is an excellent way to bond with your pet and also make some new friends on the journey. You can always join pet groups that arrange special activities for your pets or emotional support animals.

  • Routine

walkingRoutine is necessary for your dog; they need to anticipate their next move with you. They wait for their play time, food time and walks with you. A routine can bring results for both you and your pet; this will help not only with your activity levels but also help you forge an unbreakable bond.

  • Grooming schedule

Schedule the visit to the groomers; make sure that you do not miss out on the appointments. Your pet needs to look and feel its best. The grooming services can do wonders for their self-esteem and of course, they like the extra attention.

  • Oral hygiene

brushing teethAccording to a survey, most pet owners neglect their oral hygiene. Daily brushing should be a part of your resolution, this will help your pets dental health stay intact and also remove the toxins. Always use toothpastes designed for your pet and try giving it treats and chew-ables that are good for the gum and dental health.


  • Nutrition

As much as a controlled diet is necessary for your pet’s weight, a diet rich in nutrition including all the vital components is also extremely necessary. Study the nutritional needs of your pet and do not assume stereotypes, such as dogs being considered carnivores and only being fed meat. Consult your vet and get a diet plan. This will help your puppy grow into a strong dog, or your rabbit to survive a few more years than it is meant to.

  • Vaccinations

Prioritize getting vaccinations for your pet, for the sake of your health and your dog’s health. This is absolutely necessary for the physical and mental well being of your dog. If you have neglected any vaccinations before, now is the time to catch up.


Having a pet is a commitment and promise yourself to work on your pets well being. If you are already at a good place in taking care of your pet try introducing newer things into your pet’s routine, your pet is sure to love it.