Why Should You Take Your Dog to a Professional Groomer?

Why Should You Take Your Dog to a Professional Groomer?

Even though many dog owners take great pride and pleasure in grooming their dogs on their own, professional grooming can help you save a lot of time and energy. Especially if your pooch is fluffy or has behavioral issues, grooming can eventually become demanding.

A professional grooming session usually consists bathing, drying, and brushing, as well as clipping and trimming. The groomer will comb or brush out mats prior to the bath, making it easier to lather Fido with shampoo. Ear cleaning for removing wax buildup and checking for infection signs is also part of the session.

Make sure you clearly communicate your concerns or requests to your groomer. They will make your beautiful doggy will look stunning in no time. If you are on the fence, we can help change your mind. Let’s look at four reasons why you should take your dog to a professional groomer.

1. They Have the Right Tools

Using human scissors and razors on your dog can be risky. Professional groomers have all the appropriate tools to make your dog look great. These include various types of clippers to a changeable grooming table. They also have special shampoos for dogs who are allergic, have irritations, ticks, and fleas. They can even clean up dogs covered in skunk. Many groomers are also expert in styling different breeds depending on their fur, which certainly calls for precise attention to detail.

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2. They Are Good At Handling Dogs

Anxious, aggressive or older dogs can make grooming an extremely challenging endeavor and thus need to be sedated – something that cannot be done at home, but a groomer and/or vet can do. When handling your canine, your groomer may come across a lump or an injury that you may have overlooked. If you yourself have some kind of a physical condition such as arthritis or back pain, you can rest assured that professional grooming will give you complete relief from doing all the heavy work, such as lifting or moving your big dog around.

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3. They Work With Your Schedule

Dog-groomers work closely with dog owners in order to determine a time that will be most suitable for the latter party. Therefore, even if you have too much on your plate, you simply drop your dog off and pick him up later. Some grooming services even come with pickup vans. This means you don’t have to stress about dropping your dog at a certain location.

4. They Take Care Of All The Dirty Work

Shampooing a skunked or muddy dog, cleaning anal glands, and removing ticks and fleas are not something dog owners look forward to. However, a dog groomer will know how to clean and take care of all these apparently gross things, and more.

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How Frequently Should You Groom Your Dog?

Even though it mainly depends on the breed, the hair length and the coat type, groom your dog once a month. If you have a puppy or a young dog who has never been groomed before, more frequent brushing or grooming should be done at home to get the dog familiar with being handled and to also prevent grooming issues when he reaches adulthood. Asking your friends, vet, breeder, and other breed clubs can assist you in finding some reliable local recommendations. You can also do a little online research and look for the best groomers near you.

Now that you are clear about the benefits of professional dog grooming, you can shun the DIY approach and save your time, money, and hassle, while at the same time keeping your dog looking clean and fresh.