Why Should You Get A Pet In 2018?

Why Should You Get A Pet In 2018?

New Year’s often means a fresh start and what better to start with than a new pet? Not that we are partial to pets, it is simply because they make our lives so much better.

Getting a pet is one of the best decisions that you can make your life better. They bring about many physical and mental health benefits with them. It is not necessary to bring a pet into your life only if you have a mental illness, pets are therapeutic in general and with the increasing amount of stress in our day of daily lives, a pet is what we all need.

They are excellent companions, and have now become a revolutionary breakthrough in treating people with mental illness or anxiety. They can be the light of your life as an emotional support animal as well help you get you back on your feet if you are disabled, as a service animal.

Studies show that people who have pets are less likely to experience extreme stress and children who grow up with pets become kind and passionate individuals. If your new-year resolution includes fitness goals, getting a pet can be the first step in that direction

Here are few reasons why you should get a pet in 2018:

  • Reduce stress

dog and ownerAs time has progressed, the burden of doing ten things at a time has increased at a dramatic pace. Keeping up with all the work-home responsibilities, going the extra mile to make ends meet does take a toll on our bodies and mind. Whether you are opting for a dog, a cat or any other pet you will see a difference in your stress levels and also how you deal with it. They help you take your mind off the negatives and inject a positive energy into your life, a pair of adorable eyes, friendly paws and a wagging tail can do wonders for stress relief.

  • Build self-esteem

Facing challenges and taking on responsibility can be very useful in building self-esteem. Pets help build up your sense of responsibility and make you feel needed. If you are planning to start a family soon, adopting a pet first can help you get ready for the larger role. Pets are patient and very accommodating, unlike human babies, they will help you with training them, feeding them and also get you going even when you are at a low point in your life.

  • Physical health

If you are getting a dog or any other four-legged creature, you are in for a surprise. After a few months, you are sure to notice a change in your physique and energy levels. Taking your dog out for a walk every morning will get its results, slowly and surely. Pets improve our physical and mental health, the reduced levels of stress and increased levels of physical activity will ensure a much healthier body and mind.

  • Emotional support

high five with petGetting a pet can help lower your risk of anxiety and depression to a large extent. Treating patients with the help of loving and supportive animals is a fairly new way of therapy and far better than doses of anti-anxiety pills or antipsychotics. They keep you happy, improve your physical health and boost your self-esteem, which improves your mental health dramatically. An emotional support animal is trained to deal with people who are suffering from depression and experience crippling anxiety; pets are like medicines that actually work.

Bottom Line

Pets are an improvement that everyone needs in their lives, if you are allergic, consult your physician and get a recommendation on which pet to get.  If you add a pet to your new year you are definitely going up-hill from there. Take it from someone who knows…