Why Include Your ESA in Emergency Preparedness Planning

Why Include Your ESA in Emergency Preparedness Planning

Planning for Emergency is necessary, earthquakes, fire, floods or any other disasters cannot be predetermined. However, preparing for unseen circumstances beforehand is the wise thing to do. It is necessary to accumulate things for all your family members and pets alike. Storm season or not always be well prepared.

There are many reasons you should include your pets and ESA s in your emergency planning. If not prepared beforehand, the consequences can be fatal for all involved. Pets left behind during emergencies are most likely to be hurt or may suffer from unrecoverable fatalities.

Emotional support animals provide us the support and happiness we need; they are our ray of sunshine through dark times. It is important that we take the right measures for our ESA before it is too late. Preparing a disaster kit for your furry companion is as essential to their life as it is to yours.

During disasters and emergencies, people who already suffer from anxiety or depression are more susceptible to get emotionally unstable. During such circumstances, the dependency on the ESA increases immensely. It is necessary that you take measures that ensure your ESA is with you when you are going through an emergency. This will work both ways, your pet/ ESA may feel out-of-place or overwhelmed by the chaos, being with you will make them feel safe.

Make sure to introduce your ESA to your neighbors, familiar faces make it easier for the animal to be rescued in severe cases. It is necessary that your ESA recognizes the police or other enforce individuals, this will also help in the rescuing process of the animal if you are not around.

dog first aid kitPrepare a disaster kit for your pet that includes food, treats, and water. You can always ask your vet to help assemble this kit. Include medications for the illnesses your ESA may contract during emergencies. In emergencies pets tend to go missing by hiding in unlikely places and may be found after a while, always attach a collar, chip or tag to your pet with all the relevant details.

Emotional support animals are a little different from regular pets as they sometimes provide general support as well, always visit the ESA website for the right measures for them. If your area comes under the evacuation zone, you can always send your pet to live with relatives or such in another town.

Emotional support animals are most likely to be calm and extremely supportive in emergencies. Some can be trained to call 911 in case the owner feels disoriented. Try to train your emotional support animal to open doors and other such activities that will help them protect themselves from harm in emergencies.

Patients that suffer from mental instabilities or are depressed may also experience uncontrollable behaviors, train your ESA to call 911 or bark especially to alert people around you. During times like earthquakes, fires or flooding patients suffering from mental issues may be unable to inform the rescuers about their ESA. Keep a tab attached to you and your emergency kit to inform the concerned people about your ESA.

Bottom Line

Emotional support animals become important parts of our lives and save us from a variety of emotional turmoil. Taking the right measures can not only save their life but yours as well. Startling circumstances such as emergency have been known to lead to extreme mental stress and in some cases patients are unable to move to perform any tasks. Emotional support animal can also provide the physical stimulus needed to get out of danger. It is important that you care for them and take all the necessary measures to ensure their safety.