Which Dog to Get – ESA

Which Dog to Get – ESA

When you are attempting to pick out a pet to be your Emotional Support Animal, you may like to play it safe by getting a very friendly house pet, like a dog. Dogs are some of the most loving and affectionate animals on the planet. But with many different breeds of dogs, which one will best suit your needs? If a dog is classified as an Emotional Support Animal, then there are no restrictions on which canine can be your companion. The key is finding a dog that best compliments your personality. Here is a list of dogs that work excellently as support animals.

Top Breeds of Dogs

Labrador Retriever

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The Labrador Retriever is a very versatile dog with an extremely stable
temperament. These retrievers are extremely smart and are able to be taught multiple tasks, which make it perfect to have as an emotional support animal. Also,  labrador retrievers tend to be very gentle and friendly, so they can be perfect for families.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd has been used in very recent years as the essential service dog due to its stature, temperament, and activity. Much like the labrador retriever, the German shepherd has an eagerness to learn. This has led these dogs to be part of search parties. But do not let that deter you from the fact that these dogs are very friendly and make great support animals.


 Beagle Dogs Running

Beagles are essentially miniature foxhounds and were developed originally as hunting dogs. Beagles though are very good-natured and peaceful around families. They require a lot of exercise, which seems very contrary to its looks. But Beagles do love to be outdoors and make great companion animals if you are looking for adventure. Having a Beagle as an Emotional Support Animal means that you will never be bored.

Saint Bernard

First off, Saint Bernards are huge. If you do not have the space to accommodate them, it is not a wise choice of dog to have around. That being said, Saint Bernards are very gentle animals. THey fit perfectly with any family and are extremely kid friendly. They are very patient and obedient, allowing them to be trained with relative ease. They seem to do well in colder climates. But overall, the Saint Bernards make absolutely perfect support animals.


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Pomeranians have a history of being labeled as cocky and vivacious. For the most part, those descriptions are pretty spot on. But they also make perfect support animals if you are looking for a smaller dog. Due to their size, Pomeranians are great for families and smaller living quarters. There is also a recent trend of using them for elder care. They are very affectionate, loving dogs and make great Emotional Support Animals.

Final Thoughts

Here are five dog breeds that make really good Emotional Support Animals if you are looking to have a dog as a companion. If you have the correct paperwork labeling your canine companion as an Emotional Support Animal, then you should not have to worry about breed and size restrictions when looking for housing. But you must take into consideration the well-being of the animal as well as your own.