U.S. Places To Travel To With Your ESA

U.S. Places To Travel To With Your ESA

Having an Emotional Support Animal is a great way to mitigate symptoms of mental, emotional, or psychological disorders. Having a companion by your side at all times is one of the best perks about having an ESA. There are times that come up in our lives where we would want to travel and explore new places.

Thankfully, by having a pet as an emotional support animal, traveling is a bit easier due to the Air Carrier Access Act. Through this Act, Federal law protects people from discrimination if they have a disorder. This allows people with ESAs to travel with their pets at no extra cost or hassle.

So if you plan on traveling with your emotional support animal, where are some places that you should explore. Here are 5 of the top cities in the United States for people with pets.

Austin, Texas

Sometimes known as “Bat  City,” Austin is a very pet friendly city. At the Driskill Hotel, one of Austin’s most historic hotels, they cater to pets. Titled the Pampered Pet Program, the Driskill provides pets with fancy beds, designer food bowls, souvenir toys, and more. Pet luxury is not limited to extravagant pet programs as the city has 10 off-leash dog parks. Parks include small and large free roam areas, water holes, plenty of shade; everything you need for your pet. AT one of the biggest parks, Zilker Park, pets can roam through the botanical gardens or canoe/kayak through the river. In the spirit of keeping Austin weird, they also have Doga programs, yoga which you can do alongside you dog.  

San Diego, California

San Diego from Ferry Landing in CoronadoCalifornians have a reputation of being laid-back and accepting of all. San DIego is no different as they offer plenty of pet-friendly accommodations, including lodgings, restaurants, and shops. MOst of the stores will be quick to offer your pet food or water if you pass by. San Diego also has 3 official dog beaches, Ocean Beach, Fiesta Island, and Coronado. If you are ever in the need to teach your dog to surf, you can find people who run programs.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor might not have been the most recognized place of this list, but it gained a great reputation when former President Obama and his family, which included the first dog, Bo, decided to spend summer vacation there. In Acadia National Park, you and your companion can hit one (or many) of the 140 miles of paths. HIking and carriage trails are often seen with furry companions. If you want to let your pet roam, you can visit the Little Log Pond park in Seal Harbor. If you want to get your dog some sea legs, then you can jump aboard the Margaret Todd.

Asheville, North Carolina

You know a city is pet friendly when it passes legislation to allow restaurants to host pets in their outdoor areas. There are now many restaurants and breweries with huge open patios that cater to your pet including Beer City USA and Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. If your pet opts out of getting some suds, you can enjoy the great outdoors. There are trails through Pisgah National Forest and Rock State park which showcase the natural beauty that Asheville has to offer.

Key West, Florida

It is nice to say when most accommodations and restaurants welcome pets, but it is twice as nice when the majority of locals also have furry companions. Basket hounds are actually indigenous to Key West. Most tourism places will be quick to let you know that many owners actually own multiple pets.There are lots of places scattered throughout the city that will let you customize your animals attire, from locally crafted leashes to printed dresses. And it also a regular occurrence to see your animals on kayaks and paddleboards.

If you are looking for a good escape with your ESA, check out one of these places and you and your companion are bound to hang a great time.