Top 5 Things To Consider Before Adopting a Cat

Domesticated felines have not been around as long their canine counterparts, but they have been around long enough to be worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians (they molded the body of the Great Sphinx of Giza after the lion). Cats have been held in high esteem for many years and make a wonderful addition to any household. Just like dogs, there are many different types of cats, but they are all playful and full of joy.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, consider these 5 suggestions in mind before you decide to open your home to a feline friend.

Time requirements/people requirement

Cats can be very independent pets. They often keep to themselves and demand less attention than domesticated dogs. But that does not they are able to live by themselves. If you are seriously considering adopting a cat, make sure that you are able to accommodate the time it takes to take care of it and show it love. By doing this, the cat will know that you care for it and will show you equal affection.

If you really want a cat, but some days require long hours at work or a hobby that occupies a lot of the day, many people will tell you that it is not wise to adopt a cat. But if you have a family, neighbor, or kitter-sitter that is able to look after it in your absence, then you should be fine in adopting your feline friend.

What type of cat to adopt (species/age)

Contemplate the type of cat you would like to adopt. There are many different types of domesticated cats along with different temperaments. Do some research on the different breeds of cats and see which temperament would fit you and your household. Now, research will only get you so far in picking a cat. Living with a cat will be difficult if not used to it, but if you allow a cat to warm up to you, you will have a feline friend for the long run.

On top of species of cat, you must consider the age of the cat as well. Different ages of cats have different pros and cons. Younger kittens will need see a veterinarian in order to protect it from diseases but will warm up to you quickly. Middle-aged cats most likely will be taken care of at that point in their life, but may take a while to fully embrace companionship. Senior cats are not much different that people and may have some health problems.

Cost requirements

Once you bring your new companion home, it is pertinent to feed him/her. Every cat needs to have a nutritious diet, and doing so might be costly. Newborn kittens need to be fed more times than adult kittens to get them proper energy to grow.  Also, veterinary costs may add up in order to keep you cat in tip top shape. Bear in mind when looking for a feline companion that there will be costs in order to maintain its health.

Other pets/ plants

If you have other pets, you might have to keep them away or locked up for the first few weeks so that the cat gets adjusted to the household situation. There is a chance that the cat may be overly aggressive at first with other types of animals, such as birds, rodents, and snakes. By giving your cat some time to adjust—training may be required to break the cat in—you will be able to have your pets live in harmony.

Other things to monitor with your new cat are plants or fresh flowers around the house. Some plants that are typical around the house have a range of effects, from vomiting on the minor side to poisoning on the fatal side. Be careful to change the floral decorations of your household to accommodate the cat there is a chance that your cat might chew on these plants and become ill.

Outdoor vs indoor types

Cats have a natural instinct to be a predator to rodents, which may see your cat venture to the outside world. You will have to decide whether you would like a strictly indoor cat or one that is able to wander in and out.  There is no real issue with either of them. Just like the temperament issue, you will have to find a cat that suits the style you choose. It’s also possible to walk your cat on a leash, much like a dog, so that is always an option.

These are five things to consider before choosing a cat as a pet. Cats make excellent pets and emotional support status as well. Take another look at the list and do some research to decide if a cat is the perfect match to be your TherapyPet.