Tips for Capturing Perfect Pet Photos

Tips for Capturing Perfect Pet Photos

Pets are adorable and most pet owners use their entire SD cards capturing their charm. While some pets may pose for your camera, for most pets this is not the case. Unlike humans, they do not understand the concept of capturing memories in the frame and hence carrying on being cute is not the most appealing angles. So what do you do? Follow our tips that will definitely help you fill up your phones/camera’s memory.

  • Let their personality guide you

No one knows your pet better than you do. As judgmental as your cat might be, you definitely want its personality to translate on film. This can best be done by capturing pictures when they are doing what they love most. If your cat loves to eat, a picture near its feeder is perfect, if you have a playful dog, take photos when you and your furry friend are at the dog park or in the middle of a game. Your dog’s shining eyes and happy face can make an excellent picture without much effort.

  • Natural lighting

Unless your pet is used to professional lighting at your vanity, you definitely need to stay away from flash photography. A flash can startle your pet and you might end up capturing the “nightmare” version of your pet. Try going outside or taking your pet to a well-lit area of the house, which has a large window.

  • Focus on the eyes

adorable dogEyes are windows to the soul and this also applies to your adorable pet. Pets can be extremely expressive through their eyes and for an outstanding picture, focus on the eyes. This can be achieved by getting their attention on an object that intrigues them or a treat they love. All you have to do is make someone hold that object and you can capture the excitement or curiosity in your pet’s eyes.

  • Take unplanned photos

All pet owners know that getting your pet to hold still is almost impossible. Hence, make arrangements for the perfect setting of the picture and then whistle or call your pet. This definitely makes for some interesting shots.

  • Schedule a photo shoot

taking pictureYour pet is a star and you definitely want to capture that. The best time to get close-ups and portrait shots are when your pet is the least energetic, such as when it is sleepy or it has just woken up. If you want a more energetic photo shoot schedule it in your pets play time and you will be able to translate its energy into the picture.

  • Patience

Like most pet activities, patience is necessary. Do not lose your temper trying to get a shot; this will end up associating photography with a negative energy for your pet. The best technique is to stay calm and collected while using a firm and friendly demeanor and tone. If your pet is over excited try and get it to relax or choose the time it is least active in. This certainly makes up for appealing shots, such as your dog curled up with its favorite toy or your cat looking out the window.

  • Train them

While some breeds may be naturally model-material, most need to be trained. The trick is to use treats to your advantage. You may not get the best shots in the beginning but eventually, you will find yourself with several note-worthy shots. Start by taking pictures of your pet in natural settings and then gradually get them used to the presence of your camera. Furthermore, yelling “picture” can also get them into a posing mode for a masterpiece.


As obedient as your pet may be, they do require time learning new things. Pet photography requires patience if you have that you will have a gorgeous picture of your pet in no time.