The Importance of Noise Control if You Have a Pet at Home

The Importance of Noise Control if You Have a Pet at Home

Excessively loud noises, which also constitute as noise pollution, can not only be dangerous for humans, but for pets as well. Dogs and cats have pretty sensitive hearing, which means being overexposed to loud television, music or external noise can put them at a health risk.

This is something that so many of us neglect to pay attention to. We enjoy listening to loud music in our rooms while our dog or cat is just lazing around. We do not realize how uncomfortable this experience can be for our furry companions.

The best way to avoid unintentionally hurting your pet by exposing it to loud noises is to ensure you have a calm and peaceful environment whenever your dog or cat is with you. Or if you can’t control yourself and want to play your favorite video games on surround sound or listen to music then it is best that you put your pet somewhere safe and clean, a place where you know the sound is not going to bother him.

Or there you could resort to a far more efficient and effective method – why not soundproof the space occupied by your pet? You can also invest in a pair of noise proof headphones specially designed for cats and dogs. Both options can significantly help you ensure the health of your pet. For example, if you are planning to throw a party for your friends, you can always put your pet in his soundproof abode, properly feeding him and playing him before getting busy. This way there is zero chance he will be bothered or toss and turn in his sleep.

How noise impact on a pet?

Loud noises or noise pollution can have a toll on your pet’s mental and physical health. Ever noticed how nauseating or infuriating it get when you suddenly hear a loud noise or someone constantly honking his horn. Well, it is the same for pets as well. The loud music or television show that you enjoy may be putting your pet under emotional and behavioral duress.

noise control2Dogs in particular, can display erratic behavior when subjected to loud noise, it can totally distract them, which means they will not listen to you and just act irrationally. Although there isn’t a lot of research available on exactly how noise pollution affects pet behavior, it is generally been observed that pets like dogs and cats usually become inactive and they will not listen to you.

Importance of sound control

There is no question that incorporating noise control technology in your house is of utmost importance if you have a pet. This is especially true if you live in a small house or apartment. Moreover, if you have children at home, then you cannot risk your pet acting erratically around them, which is what is going to happen if you keep subjecting him to loud noises. On the other hand, if you take your pooch out on a walk in a bustling and loud neighborhood, getting him a pair of noise-canceling dog headphones can be a great idea.

Bottom Line

In all, noise control is one of the most neglected aspect of raising and taking care of a pet. While the innocent animals may not be able to tell you when the music or TV is too loud, if you pay close attention to their behavior you will immediately notice a subtle difference – you will see how disturbed and scared they become. So, it is best to control the level of noise in your house.