The best Christmas treats for your Emotional Support Animal

The best Christmas treats for your Emotional Support Animal

Your pet probably is more interested in eating the Christmas décor than food, but being prepared with the nutritionally sound, safe-for-dogs and cats treats is a good way of getting that problem out of the way.

Keeping the happiness and health of your emotional support animal when you prepare for the holidays is necessary; after all, they are your companions in your time of need and recovery.

Our pets mean so much to us, but ESAs are a little more special. They provide you emotional support and affection and help you fight your darkest moments.

In most cases, the emotional support animal is either a dog or a cat, but whatever works for you can act as an emotional support animal. Horses and ducks are often considered a huge part of therapy –pets and are domesticated to a certain extent.

The Christmas season is a little overwhelming for emotional support animals as they are trained to be calm during chaotic situations and with the festivities and everything they will tend to be more active in the house than any other day.

You will be hosting dinners, brunches or other parties and your pet is likely to be fed by guests who do not know the first thing about animals. Where this may be a kind gesture on the guests’ part it can be in some cases life-threatening for your pet.

To avoid any unfavorable incidents and to ensure your pet does not feel left out here are a few treats you can make for your emotional support animal.

  • Peppermint treats

You can easily find multiple recipes that feature peanut butter and molasses, which are irresistible to dogs and cats. The peppermint flavor also helps keep their mouth fresh and healthy.

  • The cake for dogs

You can find an excellent way to create something sweet for your dog by following the amazing recipes on Delicious flavors that appeal to your dog and your pets, in general, are incorporated into their recipes to make them healthy and irresistible for your pet.

  • Carrot and apple treats

Apples and carrots are edible for your pets, you can find excellent recipes at, which are sure to give your pet the indulgence they reserve while keeping their health in check.

  • Christmas candy canes

The packaged versions of these are easily available, but making your own will ensure that you are putting all healthy ingredients in. has delicious recipes to help you create perfect candy canes for your fuzzy friends.

  • Cranberry Christmas cookies

Cranberries are very healthy for your dog and we are sure that these cookies will be a success, the recipe can be found at, where the emphasis is on the health of the pet and using natural ingredients.

Pre-made treats

christmastreatsYou might prefer the home-made kind for your pets, but a few of our picks from the pre-made treats that are easy to find in online stores will help keep your pets occupied in their treats and not the decorations.

  • Claudia’s Max’s Dog treats: These dog treats are colorful and designed likes bones and other dog symbols to keep your dog curious when it eats them
  • Greenies dental chew canes: These are treats designed like the Christmas canes and are good for the dental health of your canine friends.
  • Ranch rewards holiday stocking stuffers: This is an assortment of up to 13 dog treats customized to the size of your dog.
  • Temptations classic cat treats: These treats are a good alternative to the home mad kind and are sure to keep your cat coming back for more.

We hope this is helpful for you in preparing for the holiday season with an emotional support animal. Do not forget to have fun and make lots of memories while your ESA enjoys their treats.