The Benefits of Neutering Your Pet

dogWhen you bring home a new pet, the last thing you probably want to think about is taking them for a surgical procedure. However, for the sake of your pet’s health and your own convenience, spaying and neutering becomes necessary. Neutering refers to a surgical sterilization process that involves removing the testicles of your male pet so that he cannot reproduce. Let’s take a look at top 10 reasons why you need to get your male pet neutered:

  1. Decreased Aggression and Bad Behavior: One of the most significant behavioral benefits of neutering is that adult dogs tend to be less violent both toward people and other male dogs. Unneutered dogs and cats may also mark their territory by peeing strong smelling urine all over the house.
  2. Better Genital Health: Neutering reduces health problems related to reproductive organs. It also contributes to fewer prostate problems and anal glandular problems.
  3. Helps Prevent Overpopulation: Each year, millions or dogs and cats of all breeds and ages suffer or are euthanized as strays. These rocketing numbers are a result of unplanned pet babies that could otherwise have been prevented by neutering.
  4. Cost-Effective: The cost of getting your pet neutered is way less than raising a litter. It also helps avoid the cost of treatment that may come up when your unneutered dog or cat fights with a stray.
  5. Avoid STDs: Pets too can become victim of sexually transmitted diseases and neutering helps put a stop to that.
  6. parentingReduce Anxiety: Another reason to neuter your male pet is to make him happier and more content with his world. Unneutered pets have a tendency to be frustrated or anxious. The pet may whine, roam, be aggressive, or act inappropriately with people or household stuff, like furniture. This restless behavior can well be stopped by neutering the pet.
  7. Decreased Roaming: Another behavioral benefit of neutering is these neutered pets, especially dogs, will not ‘roam’ around too much when they smell a female in heat. Male dogs can easily sense females in heat through their pheromones, which are airborne biochemical attractants that are released by the female when she is heat cycling.
  8. You Will Not Lose Your Pet Once In A While: An unneutered male will do just about anything to find a female. This means he won’t stop being destructive until he is out of the house looking for a mate. And once he is out and about, it is easy to get lost, hurt or stolen.
  9. Increased Levels of Concentration: This is especially beneficial for dog owners who have to train or work with their dogs in a field full of other female dogs. If neutered, your dog will be a good sport and more likely to concentrate better on his work without getting distracted by the pheromonal stimuli emitted by females in heat.
  10. Improves Genetics: We can all agree on the fact that a male pet carrying a dangerous genetic trait, such as hip dysplasia, should be neutered so the health condition can be prevented from spreading.

These are just a few benefits of having your male pet neutered. Of course, the surgical process can seem a little expensive at first, and often this can end up costing you about $300 but remember that not getting your pet neutered can prove to be a lot costlier in the long run and on top of that cause considerable hassle. Remember that neutering is the right thing to do, both for yourself and your pet.