Should you leave your Dog Alone at Home?

Should you leave your Dog Alone at Home?

It’s that time of the year again where you pack your bags, grab your tickets and head off on that long awaited vacation. The tiring office hours have surely taken a toll on you and you need some alone time to rejuvenate. For months you plan for the perfect vacation that involves going to Dubai and relaxing at luxury hotels. However, there is one small detail that you missed during that entire process, your dog.

Your best friend has to live without his master for a week and you cannot just leave him alone in the house all by himself. So you open your phonebook and look for dog day care numbers. Anyone who can help take care of your dog while you are out of the city.

Just like humans, dogs can also feel lonely and fall into depression. A dog’s health can worsen over time if they feel depressed and can even prove fatal. Dog owners then have to decide who their dog should be left with because not everyone can take of your dog the way you do. In addition, your dog should also feel comfortable with the person he is left with. Therefore the answer to the question above is no, you should never leave your dog alone at home.

Who to leave your Dog with then?

The pet care industry has flourished as more and more people can now afford to keep dogs as pets. Dogs are loving creatures and they love to play a lot as well. To help keep your dog healthy and safe, there are a number of places you can leave your dog while you go on your trip. Rest assured they will be properly cared for in each of these places.

1. Kennels:


These are fairly old establishments that date back to the 90’s. Because kennels already have a fair reputation in most communities, you will most likely look to them as your first option. However, kennels might be famous for providing the basic needs for your dog, but the methods they apply are fairly conventional. If you are looking for extra care for your dog, you might want to reconsider.

dog boarding kennels

2. Luxurious Boarding Facilities:

Boarding facilities are perfect if you want to pamper your dog even while you are on vacation. These places have beds and are filled with cushions and chew toys for your dog. They walk your dog two times a day and provide bathing services as well.  However, because there are no cages, there are chances that your dog may escape looking for you. But seeing that is a rare occurrence, these could be your best bet yet.

3. Veterinary Offices:

Leaving your dog with your veterinarian can be extremely beneficial as he would know how to properly care for your dog. They are also properly equipped to handle situations in case he get sick or depressed. Moreover, the entire staff at the vet’s clinic will keep the dog company when you’re gone. The cons for this kind of facility is that it can be too costly depending on the number of days you stay away and your dog will mostly spend time in a comfortable cage.

dog at vet

4. Community Dog Care Takers:

Some teenagers or even adults often advertise themselves as community dog care takers in the newspaper. They can even be your friend or your neighbor. Keep a close eye out for such people as they take a personal interest in taking care of dogs for people in your situation. However, it is important to first sit down and have a detailed discussion of how they plan to take care of your canine companion.