How You Can Save Money On Pet Food

How You Can Save Money On Pet Food

Dogs require healthy food as much as humans, feeding them fresh, healthy meals or fortified varieties available at the store is good enough for them unless your dog has food intolerance than that is another story.

Research suggests that basic dog food requirements cost around $446 annually, but that does vary depending n the size of the dog and the owner’s lifestyle. Having a pet can be expensive, as most of the foods that are suitable for humans are not the best for them. In some cases, the pet is an emotional support animal, and you need their presence in your life.

So, how do you maintain a balance? How do you provide the best diet for your pet o a limited budget? Don’t worry we have a few suggestions that can help you save on pet food.

  • Wholesale

Although you may prefer pet co to get food for your little friend, buying in large quantities from wholesalers such as Sam’s club, Costco, etc. can be economically sound for you. You are sure to get quite a discount per pound of food for your dog. Despite you getting a good discount, buying ten bags can also mean expired food; always check for the expiry dates and make sure that till you feed your pet, the food does not expire.

  • Cheaper Alternatives

This method does save you quite a lot, but you need to do your research before choosing savings over quality and create health hazards for your pet. Always read the labels and check options only for FDA approved foods. Many supermarkets produce their brand versions of name brand, opt for them and get an alternative that s not full of junk and preservatives; rather it will fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your pet without causing any illness. If you try to save and are not mindful of what you are you buying you may end up paying more than you save in the long run.

  • Homemade Food

home made dog foodWhat could be better than you know what your pet is eating? This provides you the opportunity to buy things with satisfaction and know what your pet is consuming. This can save you quite a bit as buying produce in bulk can be applied to this method of feeding. Try to develop a sense of what works for your dog, consult the vet and get the daily nutritional requirements for your pet. You can always surf the internet for healthy recipes that will be suitable for your specific pet.

  • Coupons

You do not have to pay full price for good quality food. Many coupons are inserted in the newspaper, pet magazines and such. Another way is to join social platforms that offer discounts and coupon codes for pet food purchases. Many pet food manufacturers’ sites have options for printable food coupons; you might just get an excellent deal on your pet’s favorite food.

  • Delivery Subscription

Getting delivery subscriptions for the food that your pet regularly eats can save you on the trips to the store, and you will stick to what you receive in the mail without spending the excess on things that you do not need. Many stores have excellent offers for subscriptions on pet food; you might just land quality samples through the monthly subscription that would otherwise be far more expensive.


You can always try different samples from websites such as sample buddy; this will allow you to see what is suitable for your dog and what works for your budget without compromising the nutritional value of the food.