How to Make Life Less Stressful as a Dog Parent

How to Make Life Less Stressful as a Dog Parent

You are probably new to the whole dog parenting scenario and are quite confused and stressed out over how your dog acts. Before actually owning a pet we often have perceptions that are unreal, being a dog parent is not just fun and games.

Dogs or puppies are much like human children, hence the word “parent”. Your dog will require your attention and care. Ensuring he has proper food, supplements nutrition and hygiene of your dog is all your responsibility. Not to mention, you also need to devote some time exercising with your dog, take him on long walks and play some games in the park with him to ensure his physical health.

However, keeping up with vet appointments, vaccinations, exercise and food can become stressful. Training your dog can be a daunting task and may impose certain problems that leave you confused and stressed contemplating your choice of adopting a dog.

Regular visits to the vet, some additional health problem can become the reason why half your earning ends up in medical bills. Dogs are like babies, and they are quite curious in nature, which means you need to be twice as vigilant because your dog is going to put just about anything in his mouth, which can lead to disastrous events.  

If you are anxious or stressed out your dog will get affected by your behaviour. It is better to recognize that you need to work on your stress before your pet ends up in the shelter. Have a talk with your vet and discuss the behaviour of your dog. Sometimes odd behaviour is a result of medical issues or a poor diet.

Do not get aggressive with your pet, rather try to find out why it is not learning something or is exhibiting bad behaviour. As a dog parent here are a few tips that will help make your life less stressful:


  • Regular walks


dog parentThis is the bonding time that your dog craves, it loves going out to the park playing with other dogs and having fun. This is the perfect time for your dog’s potty break, however, as a human having ten other responsibilities you are likely to ignore or put-off walking. This is not the best thing to do. Your dog might start feeling anxious and act-out just to gain your attention.

Tip: Schedule dog walks to once or twice a week or share the responsibility with your partner or other family members and make sure your dog is spending adequate time outdoors.


  • Pooping


Pooping in the garden, dog park, and out-doors is fine (as long as you pick up after your dog), but each time it poops indoors, on the carpet, around the vents t becomes really difficult to clean and get rid of the smell. Getting your carpets cleaned, again and again, can cost you both money and time and this is sure to stress you out.

Tip: Invest some time in taking your dog out for pooping every 30 minutes. Share this responsibility and make sure your partner or family is participating in house training your dog. House trained dogs are the best, and after his training is complete, your dog will not be using your living room as a toilet. Give your dog treats each time it poops outside. Supervise your dog while you are training it to go outside to poop, make sure it does not get distracted and knows that this trip is for pooping only.


  • A dog-friendly house


A dog-friendly house is very helpful in managing your pet. As much as dogs love being with you all the time they also need a home or a kennel. This is necessary for feeding your dog and giving him a place of his own to sleep.  If you have small children it is best that you keep a space for your dog to poop and soak in the sun.

Tip: Make sure that your home is near a dog park, designate a balcony for your dog where you can feed. Keep a bed for your dog outside and make sure that its kennel is rainproof. Always adopt a pet only if you live in a pet-friendly neighbourhood. Make sure it does not feel restricted.


  • A Trainer


dog parent2A trained dog is easiest to handle. An ill-mannered dog can cause you many difficulties. Dogs that are not properly trained will not follow instructions and might cause mischief and chaos.

Tip: Hire a trainer, this might be an investment, but in the right place. Hiring a dog trainer will be worth it as your dog will learn basic manners, how to play games and may even be taught to call emergency when you need it. A well-trained dog listens to instructions carefully and might even help you raise your children.