Food That Can Harm Your Cats Health

Food That Can Harm Your Cats Health

You may want to spoil your furry friend with various treats, but it is always recommended to watch what you are feeding her. It is necessary to give cats a nutrition-filled food that does not harm their digestive system. You might like to keep your cat full, but avoid giving it food that is harmful to its health.

In light of this, mentioned below are 6 really bad foods for your feline companion:

  • Caffeinated Drinks and Chocolates

Just because chocolates contain countless benefits for human health it does not mean it is equally healthy for your cat. It is dangerous for the health of your pet because it is loaded with methylxanthines. It is a substance that might disturb your cat’s digestive system and can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Methylxanthines are also found in caffeinated beverages so avoid giving these drinks to your cat as it may result in an increased thirst, high body temperature and even worse – cardiac arrest.

  • Onions and Garlic

Keep onions and garlic away from your pet because it can damage her red blood cells. Moreover, feeding the cat foods that contain trace amounts of onions and garlic can lead her to develop symptoms of anemia.  Although they are extremely dangerous for cat’s health if eaten in large quantity, you should even steer clear of giving her soups. If you observe symptoms such as pale gums, weakness or even reduced appetite, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately to prevent your cat from further health problems.

  • Raw Meat Bones and Eggs

raw meat bonesCats are sensitive animals and just like humans, raw food may damage their internal organs. Giving raw eggs and meat can lead your cat to the salmonella or E. coli poisoning. Moreover, sudden vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy are a few of the symptoms that you need to look for to determine whether the cat is ill or not.  However, what is even more dangerous is that salmonella or E. coli can transfer to humans as well. Experts also suggest keeping raw bones away from cats as they may damage their digestive tract or teeth.

  • Alcohol and Raw Dough

Don’t give alcoholic drinks to your furry friend, not even a little bit. It can cause severe health problems such as tremors and respiratory complications. Also, raw dough is another dangerous food for your cat as it results in indigestion.

  • Grapes and Raisins

Dogs Eat GrapesYou will be surprised to learn that foods that are good for humans are life-threatening for cats. Therefore, never try to feed grapes or raisins to your pet cat. It will result in daunting consequences such as rapid kidney failure. The early symptoms of kidney failure in cats are abdominal pain, decreased urination, and vomiting. Your cat will begin showing these signs within 12 hours of consumption; hence, do not ignore them.

  • Dog food isn’t for Cats

Dog food will not put your cat’s life in danger as it is not toxic but it contains nutrients that are not appropriate for cats. Cat food is made with plenty of nutrients including arachidonic, taurine, protein and vitamin A whereas there are fewer nutrients in dog’s food. Both animals require a different combination of nutrients. Moreover, dogs naturally have an ability to survive on low vitamin A levels whereas a cat requires plenty of it. Dogs can produce arachidonic and taurine acids but cats can’t so these are added to their foods to nourish them. Also, if cats can’t consume the required quantity of taurine, they may fall prey to heart diseases, dental problems, and weak eyesight.

Bottom Line

Being a protective owner of the cat, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of cat food. It is suggested to look for nutrients before buying food for your furry best friend to keep it free from any health problem.