Finding Housing With An ESA

Finding Housing With An ESA

Uprooting and moving cities can be a really hard time. It is hard to look for a new job, say goodbye to old friends, and to leave the comfort of the place you called home. It is especially hard if you have a pet. Sometimes landlords only allow certain pets, if they allow pets at all.

In the United States, about half the population owns a dog or a cat. With that statistic in mind, it has been recorded that nearly two-thirds of livable spaces do not allow any animal. We also see that within those places that do allow the pet, that many will charge a premium. The premium is just another way for landlords to nickel and dime you out of more money. There can also be more fees, such as pet deposits or random pet related charges.

Discrimination of certain types of animals

So now we find a place that we may be able to bring our pet to live with, but have to look some more finer details: breed and size requirements. You would think that a cat would be the perfect companion to have in this situation, but it may be the case that the weight limit restricts you from moving in if you have Garfield as a pet. And if the weight requirement is still somewhat lenient, maybe 50 lbs., if you dog is part of the restricted breed list, you are out of luck. Your dog may just carry some traits which would restrict you ability to move in.

In major cities across the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, it is extremely difficult to find pet friendly housing. Even though the cities are densely populated, the housing market has been choosing not to be so pet friendly. As a result, there are a lot of animals left in shelters and abandoned because there is no way to accommodate the animals in the family anymore.

Some major cities that are more accommodating are San Diego, Miami, Austin, and Portland. These cities contain a large amount of housing that accept pets among the major U.S. cities. Their policies are a bit more lenient, but remember, it is not 100% that you will be able to find a pet friendly apartment. It may be difficult no matter where you go.

So what can you do if you have a pet who is an emotional support animal?

handshake between woman and dog - High Five - teamwork between girl dogWell, under the Federal Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate against a person who has a disability or a psychological disorder. If the patient is prescribed an emotional support animal to help them get through life, then the renter or landlord is not able to discriminate against a person looking for housing based solely on having the animal. This allows the person who is looking to rent a property to bypass breed and size restrictions, as well as not having to pay any extra fees for having the animal.

This does not give the animal free reign to do what it pleases. Pets, as acting emotional support animals, must be held to a certain standard and cannot make excess disturbances. Also, the owner of the animals is held liable for any property damage that may accrue from the action s of the animal.

Knowing what animal is suitable for you and your living situation is a tough decision. That decision gets infinitely harder when you are looking for a place to move into. Make sure you know the housing policy of the area you live in.

Also, if you are looking to see if you need an emotional support animal, read more in the FAQs area of the Emotional Support Animal Co. website to find the answers you need.