ESAs In The U.S. – Austin , Texas

ESAs In The U.S. – Austin , Texas

Austin, Texas is a city which caters to all forms of people and it is one of the U.S.’s fastest growing. Austin has a multitude of activities, most of which can include your pet companion as parks and businesses are highly pet friendly. If you are a person who has an Emotional Support Animal, Austin is like a paradise for living in or traveling to.

If you are in need of an Emotional Support Animal due to your emotional, mental, or psychological disability, here are some of the reason why you should consider going to Austin with your companion.

Free Roam the Parks in Austin

Austin'S Congress BridgeAccording to the official Austin, Texas website, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has 12 off-leash parks around the city for you and your pet to roam free. Considering Austin has its fair share of warm weather, the parks are open for public use every day from 5 in the morning to 10 at night, unless there is notice of an event or closure. Most of the parks around the city are conveniently located a short distance from the downtown area, which is perfect if you are looking for a place to rest after the park (which we will touch on a bit later). If you are looking for a great park to visit, you could try Zilker Park, known for hosting Austin City LImits Music Festival. Other parks that are conveniently located to downtown are West Austin Park, which is close to the Capitol Building, and the Park at Auditorium Shores, which is between two thriving parts of Austin, Lamar and Downtown.

City Ordinances

If you visit the parks in Austin, there are some ordinances that you have to adhere to:

  • Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, per state law,
  • People must pick up after their pets and deposit the waste into bins around the city,
  • If pets start to act aggressively, they must be removed by owner from public immediately,
  • Owners must keep the pets within their reach/sight at all times, and
  • Dogs are not allowed in off-leash areas in the heat.

Taking Your Pet Out on the Town

Owner and Labrador dog walking in city on unfocused backgroundAs mentioned before, Austin is full of restaurants and bars where you may take you pet. In fact, there are over 170 restaurants and bars that welcome your pet to their establishment, and they are all awesome. Some of the few places include:

  • Hops and Grain, which hosts “Yappy Hour” on the last Wednesday of the month. Your dog will get free dog biscuit, which are made from the spent grains of the brewery. Even without “Yappy Hour,” this place has plenty of space for your dog.
  • Yard Bar, which is as much as a restaurant as it is a dogpark. This place boasts 20,000 square feet of off-leash land which gives it plenty of agility courses and dog runs for the tenants. Also, there is a special menu for your dog, including dog friendly ice cream.
  • ABGB, which is a big draw for benefits throughout the year for animal rescue groups. This brewery has an expansive patio with dog watering stations and pet-friendly food.

Keep Austin Pet-Friendly

If you are a person who has been prescribed an support pet, you may want to visit Austin. Do to its pet-friendly nature, Austin is a perfect place for you and your ESA to visit. There are a myriad of things to see, explore, and enjoy throughout the city.