Emotional Support Dog Letter for Hassle Free Travel & Housing

Everyone deserves a life free of psychological and emotional stress. Animal friends are a natural, safe and effective remedy for a number of psychological and emotional disorders, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, fears, mood disorder, panic attacks, and more. Unfortunately, there are travel and housing restrictions present that prevent you from living your life with your little friend, to the fullest. However, not anymore! By getting an emotional support dog letter, you can reduce restrictions on where you can go and live with your ESA.

esa dog on airplaneFor this, all you need is a prescription from a licensed mental health professional, such as a psychologist or a therapist, who can confirm that you indeed suffer from an emotional disability and that adding an ESA to your treatment plan can help alleviate the symptoms of your condition and bring you comfort.

Regardless of your pet’s shape and size, you can register him as an ESA. You can do this either through a doctor or an online site that offers ESA letter services. The latter option is not always the best due to the increasing number of frauds that are springing up these days. However, if you must select a website, read reviews and do some research to avoid hassle.

Which Animals Qualify As Emotional Support Animals?

Unlike Service Animals, which are restricted to miniature horses and dogs, all domestic pets qualify under ESA guidelines, including mice, snakes, hedgehogs, rats, ferrets, cats, pigs, birds, hamsters, fish, dogs, lizards, and more. Not all these pets are required to carry out special tasks for their owners like service animals do. They are solely meant for the purpose of entertainment, companionship and emotional stability. However, it is required of emotional support animals that they behave well when out in public places so not to cause nuisance and compromise anyone’s safety.

Requirements of an Emotional Support Dog Letter

dogs sitting on a busIf you are wondering how you can qualify for an emotional support dog letter, it is crucial to understand the following requirements. An increasing percentage of the American population is having a tough time dealing with daily activities. Generally, this is because certain experiences or life events have resulted in a mental or emotional instability that affects their daily life. These disabilities include, but are by no means limited to:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Personality disorder
  4. Panic attacks
  5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  6. Tic disorders
  7. Motor skills disorder
  8. Suicidal tendencies
  9. Multiple Personality Disorder
  10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  11. Paranoia
  12. Psychotic disorders
  13. Separation anxiety
  14. Impulse-control disorders
  15. Eating disorders
  16. Somatoform disorders
  17. Sleep disorders
  18. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  19. Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  20. Social anxiety
  21. Postpartum disorder
  22. Factitious disorders
  23. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  24. Dissociative disorders
  25. Gender identity crisis

Following are some any examples of different symptoms related to emotional/mental disabilities.

  1. Feelings of anxiety or depression that persist for a few days or longer
  2. Developing unreasonable fears related to an otherwise normal life situations or problems
  3. Experiencing difficulty retaining relationships with people
  4. Difficulty or inability to interact with others in either a public or private setting

Letter for Your ESA Dog – Is It Right For You?

If any of these conditions sound familiar, you might qualify for an emotional support dog letter. Emotional support animals are gaining popularity due to the number of health benefits they bring to their owners. Not only do they help improve your mental health but also your physical health by keeping you active.