Emotional Support Animals Can Relieving Anxiety

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are recognized as the most prevalent mental disorder among people in the United States affecting over 40 million people over the age of 18, which translates to 18%. Although the stats are out there about how many people are affected, it is estimated that only one-third of those who suffer from anxiety will get treatment.

Anxiety can be onset by numerous factors including genetics, body chemistry, personality and external factors such as work or relationships.  And people who have anxiety tend to be admitted into hospitals for personality disorders at a greater rate than those who do not show any symptoms.

How an ESA can Combat Anxiety Disorders

Emotional Support Animals are often used to combat the symptoms of those suffering from anxiety disorders. Every person is different and may react to different coping mechanisms. But having a pet around offers a lot more than just a coping mechanism: A pet offers a lifelong friendship to help you through the difficult times.

Here are some of the ways emotional support animals can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

ESAs are always by your side

Chances are that if you own a pet, it will not be out on the town when you are at home wondering where it has gone. Well, if you choose to own an emotional support animal, it will follow the same mindset as a pet and be at home for the times you need it. Anxiety can cause a human’s mind to race, negatively reacting to every stimulus. Simply by having an ESA around the house can act to relax somebody who may be suffering from symptoms.  With another physical body in your home, you are never truly alone.

Physical and Mental Petting

Physical contact has been shown to relieve people in times of worry. We see this all the time with normal pets, which look extremely happy when people flock to pet them. Research has also backed up the opposite idea and has shown that the physical action of petting an animal actually helps the one who is doing the petting. By having an ESA around when you have an anxiety disorder, you will most likely come into physical contact with it a lot. The physical petting of your ESA will cause not only your pet to feel comforted, but also carry the secondary function of relieving your anxiety symptoms.

Distractions can be a lifesaver

Sometimes having anxiety can trigger a minor inconvenience to spiral into an endless avalanche in which trying to escape becomes bleak. By having an ESA around the house, instead of focusing on some idea that may cause you anxiety, you can easily shift your focus on to your pet. BY going through the simple steps of caring for a pet, such as taking it out for a walk or bathing it, you will begin to regain a sense of control in your life. By doing the simple chores that you need to do for your ESA, you can alleviate symptoms that you might not be able to deal with otherwise.

You Live in a Nonjudgmental Zone

Even though your animals have different personalities and temperaments, one thing that they lack is the ability to judge you and your problems (as far as we know).  Your home become a safe zone, where there is no judgment passed by them. No matter how anxious, worried, or depressed you may get, your ESA will never be the one to heap more onto your plate. Just the simple fact that knowing you have a safe zone when you are around your ESA also may act to alleviate your symptoms.

How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh?

Socializing and meeting others can be an anxiety producing moment for some people. Having a pet around might be the perfect icebreaker to ease you into conversations and keep those going fresh. People really love to be around animals, so taking your ESA out and communicating with other is a good way to shed some of the problems stemming from anxiety.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that having an emotional support animal may alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorders. If you think you may be suffering from anxiety, take the Assessment on this website in order to have an ESA to relieve your symptoms.