Are ESAs Allowed In Hotels?

Are ESAs Allowed In Hotels?

Emotional support Animals are also known as comfort animals that provide support and comfort to those individuals experiencing mental and emotional conditions  by offering them unconditional love and constant companionship. Emotional Support animals are not the same as service animals and are therefore not required to perform certain tasks that will help a disabled person. They are simply meant for emotional comfort and unconditional support.

Emotional Support Animals and the Law

There are several different laws governing emotional support animals, the most important of which is housing. ESAs are legally allowed access to housing rights, whether or not the owner of the premises allows pets. However, that is not the case with other no-pet public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, motels and other non-pet-friendly business areas.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed In Hotels?

Travelers With Pet At Tourist Information Office In ZermattGenerally, no. The reason behind this is these animals are for the sheer purpose of comfort and joy, and are not trained to carry out tasks for a disabled person. However, this rule is not hard and fast. There is an increasing number of hotels that are now becoming pet-friendly (especially dog friendly), so make sure to look out for them.

Emotional Support Animals and Hotel Laws

As mentioned above, ESAs are not permitted by the law in hotels, if the owner has a problem with it. However, a majority of hotel owners is understanding, compassionate towards others’ emotional needs, and are likely to help a person out who is dependent on his emotional support animal. Other hotels are pet-friendly on their own where a person with an ESA can get entertained without any problems and fear of rejection.

Motels and hotels do not fall under the category of dwelling in the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) since they are a source of temporary lodging and hence it becomes important to find a hotel that allows pets in order to avoid last minute hassle, embarrassment and time waste.

Some hotels may charge you an extra fee, but others may not, depending on their hotel’s policy. Finding a pet-friendly hotel today has never been easier as an increasing number of public places are accepting the role of an emotional support animal for someone who really needs it. You can easily search for ‘pet-friendly hotels near me’ on the internet and you will find a list of hotels that will allow your little guy.

Qualifying Your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal

pets in grassIt is essential to register your pet as an emotional support animal to avoid legal problems. To do that, you must get a doctor to write you a verified letter stating you have indeed been diagnosed with a mental impairment and an emotional support animal will be of benefit to your health. The letter may also mention if you will be requiring your ESA for air travel or other activities at your destination. Keep in mind that only dogs and cats are completely protected as ESAs, and certain airlines may decide to forbid other animals from flying, even if you have a letter from a qualified doctor.

The letter must have all the information including the name of your doctor, issuing state and license details, should your landlord, airlines or any other party require confirmation. Remember that the validity of ESAs is for a year, after which you will have to update it.