6 Signs that You Are Ignoring Your Dog

6 Signs that You Are Ignoring Your Dog

Life happens. Even the most loving pet parents can be caught up in the daily activities, work and then with family. When the stress of life becomes dominant, someone is usually left out- and most of the time it’s the family dog.

If you see the following 6 warning signs in your dog, chances are he feels ignored and left out, something that can eventually result in major stress and anxiety.  

Sleeping all the time

Like humans, dogs also need physical exercise and mental stimulation to live a long and healthy life. If you find your dog sleeping all the time, it might mean that he just requires some attention. Take out some time each day for an exercise session or an indoor playtime to promote energy and strengthen your relationship.

Showing signs of anxiety or depression

It’s not just humans who get the blues. Do a quick self-assessment and see if you spend most of your time scrolling through your phone or working in front of the computer screen. Does that translate to less time for your dog, playing, tummy rubs and walks? Continued dog depression can result in destructive behavior, disinterest in exercise, fun activities or food, no longer excitedly greeting you, and having sudden household accidents. To prevent your canine’s depression from worsening, it is crucial to get some fresh air, and spend some quality time that is device-free to lighten up your dog’s day.

Putting on weight

Brown Shih Tzu on Green GrassThrowing treats to your dog is no way to compensate for your inability to spend some quality time with him. If you find that your dog is putting on weight, that’s because you were too lazy to get him some exercise. Monitor your dog’s calorie intake every day so you can be sure that he is getting the nutrition he needs.

Extra-long nails

If your dog’s nails have grown to a point where they can outwit Wolverine then it is a definite sign that you are ignoring his well-being. If you take your dog out for regular walks on the pavement, you will see the activity will naturally trim and file his nails. In addition to that, trimming your dog’s nails should be part of the canine’s regular grooming regimen. So make sure your dog’s paws don’t end up looking like scary claws.

No interest in eating

dog sickWe all know how much dogs love to eat. If you see that your dog has stopped eating, it is a big red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. Disinterest in eating could either be a sign of emotional distress or something much more serious, this is where a visit to the veterinarian becomes a must. More often, depression in dogs can cause their appetite to minimize, indicating that your dog is craving more love and attention. Make some effort and set up a dinner date for the two of you twice a week, and promise to spend an hour or more once done eating to relax, catch up and enjoy each other’s presence.

Frequent misbehaving

A dog that is emotionally stressed or depressed will usually defecate and/or urinate in the house. If your puppy suddenly starts having such symptoms, get in touch with a veterinarian right away or diagnose any underlying medical condition. A dog who is bored will often acquire a destructive behavior, which means chewing on furniture, barking continuously, disobedience or digging in the trash can. If you notice such signs in Fido then that is a definite call for attention.

Your dog’s overall health and well-being is directly related to the love and attention you give him, so make sure you are being a good pet parent just like you would with your own child.