5 Tips for Putting Your Pet Dog to Sleep

5 Tips for Putting Your Pet Dog to Sleep

If you are dealing with a hyperactive puppy that will not go to bed at night or whines throughout, make sure he has an established sleep routine, and a good sleeping environment. Once those are out of the way, take into account any adjustments or medical issues your dog may be experiencing. With these things in mind, you and your canine will be all set for a night full of sweet dreams. On top of that, you can try the following5 tips that will greatly help you with the process.

  • Get Him Lots of Exercise

One of the reasons why your dog may be restless at night could be his lack of exercise throughout the day. Depending on your canine’s breed, fitness level and age, you should aim to give him 30 minutes to 3 hours (or even more) exercise in a day. Consider taking up a new sport, which will help stimulate both physical and mental stimulation, eliminate boredom, and strengthen your bond.

Another reason why exercise is a great way to put your dog to sleep is that it is exhausting. If Fido has be  tired out during the day, he is less likely going to have the energy to keep goof around and keep you awake.

  • Eliminate Any Sleep Disturbances

Perhaps the reason why your pet is so alive at night is due to the presence of distractions? Are you moving or packing for a vacation? Maybe your neighbors are party animals? Alternatively, maybe Fido likes to have a barking contest with another dog nearby 1:00 am in the morning? Make sure you eliminate such distractions as much as possible. Try saving your chores for the day, or have a talk with the neighbors, or perhaps invest in soundproof windows?

  • Make Sure He Has Peed and Pooped

A puppy that needs to go will be more restless during sleep and prone to wake up several times throughout the night. On the other hand, an “empty” puppy will calmly sleep for longer periods of time and less likely to disturb you.

  • Give Him Something to Chew On

dog treatsOnce you have led the canine into her bed, make sure she something to keep herself entertained. Having a noiseless toy by their side helps keep canines relaxed and more likely to go to sleep earlier. Even when she wakes up in the middle of the night, you can be sure that the toy will keep your little friend quietly entertained.

  • Keep Your Canine’s Crate Nearby

Dogs often get anxious when they find their human friend nowhere in sight. When getting your dog to go to sleep, make sure your presence is acknowledged as it will help sooth your canine and speed up the time before he finally dozes off. Keeping him near will also ensure he is heard in case of any problem.

If your dog lacks crate manners, consider revisiting crate training as it is an important skill, and something that can greatly help minimize damage and messes around the house.

Keep in mind that accustoming your canine to a sleeping routine is not an overnight process and will require persistence and availability of a good sleeping environment. If these tips don’t seem to be working out for your dog, chances are he may be in pain and in need for some serious medical attention. Feed him good, get him exercise, and make sure the environment is peaceful and free of disturbances. Gently stroke his fur as it will help him wind down and get to sleep much quickly.

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