Why You Should Get Official Documentation For Your Pet

No More Restrictions

No More Restrictions

Have an Emotional Support Animal but worried about being restricted from certain privileges? Don’t fret! BY having an official letter declaring your animal as an ESA, you regain your freedom to travel and live hassle free. An ESA letter from Emotional Support Animal Co. will allow you and your companion pet to live anywhere you choose. With the letter, you are protected from discrimination. This means you are legally protected to bypass “no pet policies” and animal restrictions for your housing situations. You also will not have to pay extra fees, in the form of additional rent or higher security deposits, just to live with your ESA. Also, if you plan to travel, an ESA letter from Emotional Support Animal Co. allows for your companion to travel alongside of you in the cabin at no extra cost. No longer will you have to ship or stow your beloved animal in the cargo holds of airplanes. With the ESA letter, you can always count on your animal to be by your side for comfort.

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Happy Pet, Happy Owner

The main purpose of an ESA is to provide emotional support to somebody in the form of a companion. It is well documented that pets have a profound effect on the happiness and emotional states of their owners. Emotional Support Animal Co. recognizes this link and wants people who suffer from emotional or psychological disabilities to be able to live their lives to the fullest by providing an opportunity to connect a person with an ESA.

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Everyday Chores Made Simpler

Many public places—such as hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores—actively restrict having pets come into their premises. Having an ESA letter from Emotional Support Animal Co. certainly helps you and your ESA get through the doors in order to accomplish your daily chores. In most cases, if the store owners and workers understand that your pet is there to help with you emotionally, they will be inclined to let you pass without hassle. An ESA letter allows you to go about with you companion without worry to accomplish simple tasks and pleasures. Get Started Now